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So if you haven’t already heard of Unsplash, it’s an incredible website with free, do-whatever-you-want, HD photos. Unsplash has given creatives, photographers, and design lovers a community to support and inspire each other.

Here’s how it works. It’s simple ; sign up, upload photos you've taken, and watch your stats fly through the roof. 

Unsplash launched their first Awards via Instagram post on September 1st, with 13 categories for you to choose from to submit your photos. (remember, you have to have an unsplash account in order to submit)

They've got some pretty cool judges like Squarespace's Chief Creative Officer, The Awards Team at GoPro, The Digital Lead at Airbnb, and so many more. We are so excited to hear the winner! We'll let you know who wins, and what photos they submitted soon!



It FINALLY came. On September 12th, Apple held an event in their new “spaceship campus”. If you missed it, here’s a quick rundown of what went down before we get into the iPhone X. 
Apple released a new Apple TV that supports 4K, the new Apple Watch (series 3) that now has cellular and is able to make / take calls, and of course, the iPhone 8 & 8 Plus with glass backs and a lot of new badass camera features.

So, iPhone X. We’re hearing a lot of mixed opinions with this one. It’s got a glass back, which is probably the scariest thing Apple has done with an iPhone. Overall, the phone is way smaller than the iPhone 8 because of it’s edge to edge display. But honestly…that notch in the middle definitely hinders the edge to edge display experience...especially when watching videos. One of the biggest changes - but expected - was the removal of the home button. Everything (going home, accessing control center, multitasking panel, etc) is all a ‘gesture’ now that could take quite a while to get used to. And then of course, Face ID. There's a 1,000,000 : 1 chance that someone other than you could unlock your iPhone. Pretty neat. But this might not be as efficient as we thought. If someone glances over at your phone (remember raise to wake is enabled) does that count as a wrong password? If this happens enough times will you continuously have to type in your passcode? We hope to test it out soon to see just how reliable it really is. We saved the best for last ; inside portrait mode, you’ll now see several different lighting options such as natural light, studio light, contour light, and stage light. This was probably the most exciting feature yet. You’re even able to switch to a different lighting mode after a photo has been taken. This is all available in the front facing camera too. (🙌🏽)

To top it all off, iPhone X starts at $1000 when it goes on sale on October 27th. Is it worth it? Do you think you will buy it? Let us know! 

Watch the Apple Event here.

A FEW ways to help Hurricane Victims in houston.

 “From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” - Arthur Ashe

Give Shelter : Air Bnb is looking for people to house evacuees

Donate Money :  Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund was started by Houston's Mayor, Sylvester Turner,  and is ran by The Greater Houston Community Foundation.

Donate Food : The Houston Food Bank is seeking canned vegetables, tuna, salmon, chicken, pasta, rice, and baby food. 

OETLCO, and their cool new pop-up in dallas.

Founded by Gisela Borghi, ORA ET LABORA Co. is all about supporting "emerging designers, and independent designers from Italy, Argentina, and USA." I got to visit one of their pop-ups in Dallas, and it was amazing. Nothing beats being surrounded by the works of so many great designers. OETLCO's dallas pop-up is located at 750 Ft Worth Ave, Suite H130 at Sylvan Thirty. Gisela's got some new fall pieces on their way over, so go visit them this weekend! 

Find them on Instagram & check out some photos from the shop :

“We’ve kept Indian food as comfort food, and that’s why Indian chefs have not excelled.” - Gaggan Anand

With a goal to challenge the way Indian food is created, and to give the freedom Indian chefs truly need, Gaggan Anand in return created the best restaurant in ALL of Asia. 
In an interview in his episode on Chef’s Table, Gaggan talks about how poor his family was in India and says, “The society [in India] is not very educated. They look at what you are, and they accept you when you become something. That day I thought that, I had to be the best chef in India. I want to be the best.” 

Gaggan takes well-known Indian “comfort food” dishes and transforms them into art. Edible art. He talks about how yogurt is the staple ingredient in India. And he’s right - yogurt is basically in 99% of every dish in India. With that in mind, he created the ‘Yogurt Explosion’ which is literally a spherical yogurt with a burst of mango chutney flavors.  Not to mention there’s spiced nuts inside a tiny EDIBLE CLEAR BAG on the menu. The bag is made with translucent rice paper and I need to try that right now. 
Gaggan’s passion has taken him so far, and this is just the beginning. 
“He just takes people on this incredible journey to all regions of India.” - Mason Florence [Regional Chairperson, World’s 50 Best Restaurants]

Watch the Chef's Table episode with Gaggan Anand here.


"If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves."

- Thomas A. Edison


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the girl who's gonna rock the fashion world.

NYC based fashion designer (more like fashion designer genius) Nina Tiari, got the opportunity to debut her first collection at NYFW earlier this year. Her driving inspiration is simple, yet powerful -  “Women.”

Nina defines women empowerment, feminism, and minimalism, beautifully in each and every one of her pieces. She’s definitely someone we should all have our eyes on; considering her passion, creativity, and those amazing pieces, she will without a doubt kill it wherever she goes. 
Check out more pieces on her site.

And watch the debut of her collection here. 

Rhema Kallianpur