from 2,750.00

Two payment options are available: 

Purchase and pay in full, $5,000.00 (Save $500.00)

Purchase and split payment, $2,750 upfront and an additional $2,750 will be due upon completion.

Payment Options:


With endless problems waiting to be solved stands daring individuals willing to take them on. This program is for those who not only dare to see the world differently but more importantly dare to make the world different. We set out to offer amazing branding services to inspiring businesses who need beautiful brand materials.


Our goal is simple, cut costs for new business owners, small business owners and entrepreneurs. We know that one of the biggest costs in launching a business is branding and marketing. We also know that in an exponentially expanding universe of new businesses, branding and marketing are the most critical way to set yourself apart. The objective of StartUp is to reduce your marketing costs significantly and deliver you amazing, professional branding materials. 

We understand there are several companies that claim to provide “financial value” within their branding packages but most times, these packages lack the professional quality of a high-end marketing firm. With StartUp, you get more than what you pay for because we have created and found an incredible sweet spot between financial value and high-quality.

Businesses, both big and small, deserve to look as beautiful and professional as the services they provide. We want to challenge you to go from just an idea to a brilliantly branded business; positioned to stand out.


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Responsive website or e-Commerce shop   Websites will have a maximum of 5 pages (not including product pages for e-commerce shops). Additional pages may be purchased. Please note there may be a monthly website maintenance and management retainer.

Logo design   All of our logo designs will include: Emblem, an Emblem plus Typeface, and Typeface only designs.

Three (3) collateral designs   Brand Collaterals are designed media used to promote the brand and support the sales and marketing of a product or service. Common brand collaterals are things like Business Cards, Promotional Graphics, Letterheads, Retail Packaging, Stationary, Banners, Advertisement Graphics, Etc.

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